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Kosher Drink/Spirits

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My Muddled Manhattan on the Rocks With Homemade Heering Cocktail Cherries PDF Print E-mail

1st Runner - Up in the Heering Mixologist Competition
By Chef Rachel Willen



For the Muddled Manhattan
1- 1/4 inch thick slice of orange cut in half
3-4 Heering Cocktail Cherries** (or other brandied cherries)
2 Tablespoons of Heering
1 teaspoon of juice from the cocktail cherries
2 Oz. of premium bourbon
2 dashes of orange bitters

For the Heering Cocktail Cherries**
2 lbs pitted cherries, fresh or frozen (thawed) (smaller tart cherries preferred, but if you can't find those use any variety)
2 cups turbinado sugar
zest of one small orange
zest of half of a small grapefruit
zest of a small lemon
1 cinnamon stick
6-8 whole cloves
6-8 whole allspice berries
1 cup brandy
2-3 cups Cherry Heering (or to cover)


Place the fruit, bitters, cherry juice and Heering in a wide-mouthed rocks glass. Using a muddler, press and grind the fruit for 30 seconds or so to extract juices and oils from the rind. Add ice to the glass, and bourbon. Cover the glass with a metal shaker, fitting it tightly, and shake the glass vigorously about 10 times. Remove shaker and serve. (Alternatively, you can muddle and mix and in a shaker and pour into a waiting, chilled glass.)


**Quicker version: Place all ingredients, except for cherries in a saucepan and bring to a quick boil and turn off immediately. Do not boil for extended time. Stir to make sure sugar is dissolved completely. Place cherries in a medium bowl and pour heated mixture over cherries. Allow to sit for an hour or so until mixture and cherries cool to room temperature. Place mixture in large glass jar or in multiple smaller jars, distributing liquid and spices evenly over the jars. Seal and store in fridge for two weeks and they will be ready to use. Store in fridge once opened.

Makes one drink

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